Matériel requis : Oreilles, bouches, un microphone... et une enceinte quelque part ailleurs...

Radio cousue main, première !

Les samedi 13 et 20 octobre ont eu lieu les premières sessions de compositions et d’enregistrement de la Radio Cousue Main, pour un premier numéro d’une demi-heure, diffusé Dimanche 28 Octobre à 20 h.

Des compositions improvisées pour quelques bouches et un micro, dans le studio de Radio Campus, enregistrées d’un seul jet, et sans montage !

  Pour ce premier numéro : Une improvisation sous forme d’hommage au « Premier Concert des Bruiteurs Futuristes » de Luigi Russolo, dans l’Art des Bruits, Manifeste Futuriste, 1913, « Vagues d’émotion », ou comment croiser des expériences d’émotion forte, par des vagues de mots entremêlées. « Le serpent », avec dans le rôle du « Free speecher », un poste de radio, entouré de ses répétiteurs traducteurs commentateurs et autres sampleurs, vocaux bien sûr , et toujours sans autre machine que les oreilles et les bouches.

Le tout lié par des textures, ou comment jouer ensemble aux voitures, et au monde sous-marin.

La deuxième partie de l’enregistrement nous a surpris en train de manger, pour une « texture croquée » nous avons ensuite joué aux « mots croisés » présenté la « météo » (pluie, froid) rejoué le  « Serpent  » toujours pour radio et samples vocaux, imaginé un « circle song » et « sachez-le » nous avons joué aussi avec ce qui nous tombait sous la main (sachets divers aux sonorités crépitantes)

Vous pouvez écouter l’émission par ici…


La radio cousue main sur Radio Campus Paris

C’est parti !
Tous les derniers dimanches de chaque mois Récréation Sonore (l’émission hebdo de Radio Campus Paris consacrée à la création sonore),  accueille les Hand made radio people pour 30 minutes de radio cousue main !

Première émission dimanche 28 octobre 2012 à 20h

Si vous souhaitez participer aux sessions de compositions et d’enregistrements contactez Chloé à

Hand made radio à Bruxelles

Voici une autre extension de Hand Made radio art à Bruxelles courant Novembre à l’initiative de Myriam.


>>> 5 to 9 November: HANDMADE RADIO WORKSHOP

With Anne-Laure Pigache, assisted by Jean-Baptiste Veyret-Logerias and Myriam Van Imschoot. Open to 15 participants (open call). This workshop introduces the participants to the principles of Handmade Radio, with exercises that explore distance and proximity to the microphone. Different vocal techniques, physical exploration of the vocal apparatus and rhythm, will be combined with strategies to conduct instant composition and soundscapes.
Anne-Laure Pigache: Improvisational singer and performer, Anne Laure Pigache has always started from the place of the body. From an interest in the link between gesture and voice and having had several experiences where voice and dance have been explored, she proposes a workshop where the dispositive of handmade radio is used to maximize the vocal possibilities of the body in relation with a microphone, the relation between proximity and distance, the ensemble and the individual. Different methods on how to conduct a group (sound painting), exercises to awake the voice and ear, and strategies on how to compose soundscapes and vocal work will be trained.

Jean-Baptiste Veyret-Logerias: Founding member of Sweet and Tender, Jean-Baptiste Verlayt-Logerias developed along parallel tracks a career in choral ensemble singing and in dance. In his art work he combines both of these experiences with a keen eye and ear for the movement in sound and the performative nature of singing.

>>> 12 to 14 November: HANDMADE RADIO LAB

with Alessandro Bossetti. Open to 8 participants (open call). The lab builds upon the foundations of the workshop. The focus is on the composition of vocal works that make use of the Handmade Radio set-up. Guided by composer Alessandro Bossetti the participants can develop group composition or extend ideas in depth that emerged in the first week.

Allessandro Bossetti: “Learning to compose with one microphone, one loudspeaker, two separate spaces and operating a camera obscura that works with sound. There is no recording or editing, no digital processing and alteration. No pre or post production. It all happens in real time in a hidden space. Bodies and voices are not bound to a computer, instrument or other interface of sort. They are free to move, they are invisible. Extremely light, extremely present. Handmade Radio is a collaborative lab for composers and sound creators on conceiving a handmade sound work following the rules and techniques of early radio days. Get close to the microphone. Get far away from the microphone. Feel the space. Let your feet slide softly on the floor and be silent until you are ready to place your sound.  It is all mono. It all goes through a pin hole. And then spreads all over again.”

>>> 15 November: SOIREE PAROLE

Soirée Parole is a format developed by Myriam Van Imschoot to present creation of vocal and speech based work in an intimate set-up. After the first edition in Recyclart (November 2011) that presented mostly works of visual artists working with speech, this edition of Soirée Parole is dedicated to the Handmade Radio and vocal composition. Confirmed guests are Anne-Laure Pigache and Alessandro Bossetti. One or two more artists will be added to the program.

>>> 13, 21, 25 November: SILLY SINGING

With Myriam Van Imschoot, Willem De Wolf, Christine De Smedt, Jean-Baptiste Veyret-Logerias and Pablo Castilla. Developed by Myriam Van Imschoot,

Myriam Van Imschoot: “Silly singing grew from the interest in modes of expression and how to alter them. It takes thinking and talking straight into the action of singing, and as silly as it is, we sing what comes to our minds. Of course the minds get lured into other patterns of thinking and perception, because that’s what melody and rhythm tend to do; they trick us into other alleys. The purpose is not to compose a good song (ad lib), because also the song patterns get overruled now and then by the urgency of expressing thought. Yet, also thought does not have the last word, because songs have their own ways too; sometimes they are helping the expression and sometimes they are running away with it.”



Participants can apply for the workshop with Anne-Laure Pigache or for this workshop with lab extension by Alessandro Bossetti. The lab cannot be taken without prior participation in the workshop.
Applicants can from various backgrounds, but have a strong interest in working with vocal sound. They can be for example composers, radio makers, choreographers, musicians, performers, writers and visual artists.

The workshop and lab are free but an inscription fee of 30 euro are requested for administration, insurance, etc.
Please send a letter of motivation and a cv to by 15 October.
The applicants will be notified by 20 October of their participation.

The workshop and lab will take place in Brussels in a place further specified.